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“This book being my first shot as an author has been obviously special. Frankly speaking, I have been an ardent ’general knowledge‘ seeker since my childhood when I used to not let any chance of gaining knowledge go to waste. I have really enjoyed the effort of searching for facts for this book. My biggest motivation to write this book was to give the lakhs of students, teachers, and knowledge seekers like me a compact and reliable source that can get into their thirsty minds easily.

“So what makes Knowledge Capsule different from the numerous fact books available in the market? This book has been carefully divided into various sections like fashion and entertainment, geography, history, engineering and technology, science, sports, world records, and a special section named ’mixed bag‘ containing multiple objective-type questions. Most of the facts are unique and innovative in their own way. The most important thing about this book is that it contains numerous illustrations that makes it all the more interesting to read and easy to digest.

“Finally, I would like to mention that there is no dearth of resources, online encyclopedias, websites, etc., available, but the need of the hour is a compact compendium that will help to enhance the knowledge and in-turn increase the IQ of the aspiring student. In a nut-shell, there’s something in this book for everyone. I just hope that people will like my humble efforts.

“Suggestions are always welcome for improvement in the next editions.

“Happy reading!”

– Huzefa Ravat





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